Health Benefits of Boating and Fishing as Hobbies

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Erik Sanderson is the chief executive officer at Technomarine, a company that builds and designs marinas. He earned the Langford Landing Marina 2016 MIATC Project of the Year, among other honors. Erik Sanderson’s passion for marina design extends to his hobbies of boating and fishing.

Boating and fishing are good activities for a person who wants to relax. A study shows that being near water can relieve stress and create peace of mind. Both activities require concentration, awareness, and the ability to navigate waters. A getaway on a boat can help you get rid of the stress accumulated at work or staring at a computer.

You can go boating and fishing with friends and have a little chat on the lake. By fishing, you can enjoy the final prize, the fish that you prepare and eat with your next meal. Boating and fishing are activities that can boost your self-esteem, too.

Technomarine System 285 Offers Premium Strength and Durability

A Jupiter, Florida-based development executive, Erik Sanderson draws on more than 15 years of experience in boat building and marinas. As the CEO of Florida-based marine construction firm Technomarine Group, Inc., Erik Sanderson has led his team through the creation and installation of complex marina systems worldwide, including Technomarine System 285.

An innovative docking solution, Technomarine System 285 offers optimum flexibility and versatility with regard to configuration. The technology berths boats that are longer than 80 feet and up to 200 feet. Aside from space, System 285 also offers sufficient agility and durability. Currently, the technology has been installed worldwide and is fast becoming a favorite among marine engineers.

Technomarine System 285’s strength and durability are a result of its strong lightweight marine-grade aluminum alloy crafted structure, which also ensures both hardware and components are resistant to saltwater. With heavy-duty load-bearing capacities, the system can sufficiently withstand lateral impact loads and category three hurricanes.

Deep Harbor at Island Gardens Creates Yachting Hub

The chairman and chief executive officer of Technomarine since 2006, Erik Sanderson provides executive oversight and strategic planning for the company’s global operations. Under Erik Sanderson’s leadership, Technomarine has earned 19 Marina Application of the Year awards and completed marina applications totaling more than $1.5 billion in construction.

Among Technomarine’s projects is Deep Harbor at Island Gardens in Watson Island, Miami. The only marina in North America designed specifically for super yachts, Deep Harbor provides 5,000 linear feet of slips for mega and super yachts of 500 feet in length and longer. Located in the heart of Miami, the marina provides convenient access to numerous shopping and dining options, as well as stunning views of the city’s skyline, and aims to position Miami as a key hub in the international yachting circuit.

The extensive project required dredging the channel and relocating coral to protect the natural environment. Rather than fixed docks, Technomarine installed floating docks to reduce both the cost and environmental impact.

Technomarine Completes Quebec Marina with Seaflex Anchoring System

With 15 years of leadership experience in the marina construction business, Erik Sanderson serves as the CEO of Technomarine Group. Erik Sanderson led the construction of a marina at the Port of Quebec. This central St. Lawrence River location handles 30 million tons of cargo annually and is a port-of-call for international cruise lines.

For this complex building project, the company emphasized state-of-the-art engineering and historical authenticity. Challenges included coordinating logistics in the port and extreme winter weather. With water freezing up to 4 feet deep each year, traditional piles are not an option.

To resolve these issues, Technomarine installed a Seaflex underwater anchoring system with flexible bands in securing structures. In addition, the company used a pioneering aluminum frame construction. This ensured strength and buoyancy, with docks able to float on ice in the winter months. The anchoring system has proved a success, and the marina is now a vital element of the Quebec City skyline.